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Back Boilers




FIREBIRD SUPREME - A unique back-boiler with incredible heating power


Supreme Back Boiler

Back Boiler Comfort 

High efficiency rating

The Supreme achieves extremely high efficiencies of up to 80% in 3 ways:

1. Simplified straight-through flue ways. The tapered vertical shaping is designed to extend the flame to cover the complete heat exchanger surfaces.
2. Top water tube. The heating tube, positioned horizontally above flue-ways, collects much of the heat which would otherwise be lost into the chimney
3. Dry-back, lift off, radiant panel. Can rise to a higher temperature than the normal type cooled by water.

Ease of cleaning

The lift-off radiant panel allow immediate access to the unique layout of flue-ways which can regularly and easily cleaned. (1.5mm soot = 25% less efficiency

Balanced performance

This is achieved by the dry-back radiant panel/damper. The panel can rise to a higher temperature than one cooled by water and the increased radiant heat minimises the drop in room heating when the damper is opened to heat water/radiators.