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Enviromax™ Condensing Boilers


 Uniquely Designed to Protect the

 Environment and Reduce your Fuel Bills

 Enviromax Condensing Boiler    Enviromax cross section

                                                                            How the Enviromax

                                                                                  boiler works


10 reasons why you should choose an ENVIROMAX™ condensing boiler


  1.  4 tapping points makes it easy to install the boiler in most spaces, even when retrofitting

  2.  Robust design built to last. 

  3.  Unique patented heat exchanger designed specifically for condensing operation.

  4.  SEDBUK Band A efficiency

  5.  4+mm steel used in heat exhanger to ensure longer boiler life

  6.  Sturdy casing panels on kitchen/utility models

  7.  Front access for ease of service

  8.  Multi directional flue options

  9.  Combi boiler uses modern control logic to deliver premium hot  water flow rate performance

  10. . Condensate pump (where fitted) means that there are no problems with drain off even in cellar installations